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I don’t want to harp on too much here, because I’m hoping you’ll pick up pieces of my personality and skillset throughout this site, but I will start you off with a little on my background…


I’m a multidisciplinary, Aussie designer.

I’ve been obsessed with creating things for as long as I can remember. The satisfaction I get when I produce something from nothing is what drives me forward with every idea.

I find inspiration in almost everything,

and there’s a lot of 'everything' out there!


I swapped art utensils for a computer at a young age and have grown with the rapid advances in creative software. I continuously keep my skills sharpened by teaching myself the latest and greatest, and thanks to Adobe (Legends) and the techniques I’ve learned from my Father, books, the net, teachers and other creatives, my ideas can become reality.

While I continue to embrace the digital world, I’ll remain a strong advocate of what

a creative can produce without the aid of a digital device, so I’m often illustrating, painting and constructing things that entertain me. In saying that, a computer

is a great tool for fine-tuning or altering those creations, so I also love to experiment with mixing traditional art, with machine.


Completing a course in multimedia before I’d left high school, I’ve had a combined study and employment history in multimedia totalling 23 years. I am now focusing on design-driven animation and I'm available for hire. Feel free to connect here.


– Cameron William Thomas

The Will


Possessed to create. Obsessed with creating.


Senior Animator/Video Editor at Crown Casino

Head of Multimedia Design The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Department of Surgery

Creative Manager Gavl Real Estate (Startup Company)

Plus tuns of agency experience (TVCs, retouching, branding, illustration, social ads, etc.)

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