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Here I go into more detail on specific projects we've worked on.

Poster 01

Poster 02

Poster 03

Poster 04

Web ads, and of course Mad Max's new ride!

Tram stop lightbox ad 02 in Melbourne, Australia (Location 01)

Tram stop lightbox ad 02 in Melbourne, Australia (Location 02)

Tram stop lightbox ad 04 in Melbourne, Australia (Location 03)

Our 3D model of the squiggle man (Detail 01)

Our 3D model of the squiggle man (Detail 02)

Our 3D model of the squiggle man (Detail 03)

Metlink - Cross-media


The Fare Evader campaign was directed at folk that used public transport without paying.
The television commercial featured an animated 3D squiggle man walking and weaving his way through other commuters to use the public transport without paying.Our job was to create stills of these scenes.
A photographer shot the locations and talent and we had to put it all together, by retouching, colour correcting and superimposing the talent and the the squiggle man into the shots. However, the 3D model we received from the creative house, that animated the squiggle man, was so bad that we couldn’t use it, so we made our own 3D version in Maya. This made it easier for us when manipulating him into the composition.
Click on the images to enlarge, view the ads in detail and see where they ended up.

Website front page

Point of sale poster 01

Point of sale poster 02

Point of sale poster 03

Point of sale poster 03 (Detail 01)

Point of sale poster 03 (Detail 02)

Point of sale poster 03 (Detail 03)


Display tin for retailers

Display tin, including business cards, for retailers

Packaging, including instructional pamphlet

Display tin packaging

Display tin packaging with lid removed

Bottom of display tin

Clique online instructional video (First frame)

Inside Clique instructional pamphlet

Clique-lace online instructional video (First frame)

Inside Clique-lace instructional pamphlet


Collage 01 for cross-media

Collage 02 for cross-media

Application of Clique - Thong

Application of Clique - Belt

Application of Clique - Sunnies

Application of Clique - Shoe

Clique business card 01

Clique business card 02

Clique logo and tagline

Clique, jewellery - Cross-media


Clique was an Australian made, Melbourne based, sterling silver multifunctional jewellery and accessories company owned by Philippe Gothelf, a great guy!


I was in charge of promoting this brand via web and point of sale, as well as assisting with the packaging, but unfortunately did not have control over the designs on the accessories themselves, nor the company logo. I did design my own, which I loved, but the client wouldn’t budge on their own creations. This product was a fantastic idea, like Jibbitz for Crocs, but of higher quality, that didn’t punch a hole through your apparel. I’m not actually sure what happened to them, as the company website has since disappeared. However, the Facebook

page still exists:


Click on the images to enlarge and view the ads and products.

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