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Crypto Collectibles by Award Winning Melbourne Artist, Cam Will Thom

CWT - Spacecraft Corporation Logo (My Wesbite)_1400x4000.jpg

CRYPTO SERIES: Spacecraft Corporation


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TITLE: Big Bang

LIMIT: 1/1

SERIES: Spacecraft Corporation

Inspired by science fiction and science fact, this digital art piece is what I imagined, or hoped, the moments before and after the Big Bang were like. A dreamscape of colour and sound, supported strongly by Camille Saint-Saëns' piece - Aquarium.



TITLE: Bob Lazar's "Sport Model" UFO 

LIMIT: 100 (each with its own unique coloured background)

SERIES: Spacecraft Corporation

This model was constructed from detailed drawings Bob Lazar sent to me. It now lives on in the digital world as an accurate representation of the spacecraft he worked on at S4 in Nevada, USA. Out of the 9 spacecrafts he saw at the secret facility, Bob called the one he worked on "The Sport Model", for its sleek design. Bob has stated that the propulsion system he worked on allowed the craft to point its belly toward the destination it wanted to travel, then once activated, the craft would effortlessly fall through gravity toward it - Demonstrated in my animation.


100 x UFOs: Each numbered to 100 and each comes with its own unique HEX code coloured background (01).

5 x SECRETS: Only 5 x UFOs out of the collection of 100 will have a single frame Tyler Durden (03). Blink and you'll miss it.

9 x ADDITIONAL SPECIAL EDITIONS: 9 x hidden meanings making a total of 109 UFOs. 

01 - Buy a single 1/1 hex coloured and unnumbered UFO (see top left and bottom right in the image below).

02 - And receive an additional numbered UFO in the same hex colour, but numbered out of 100 (see bottom right).

03 - Only 5 x Tyler Durden's to be found. These can only be seen in the unlocked collectable, not the unnumbered one.

Tyler Durden.png

Colour has been hidden for demonstration.
Which colour will be the 1/100?

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