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The artwork of Cam Will Thom


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I love creating artwork in many different mediums, in my spare time, when I get spare time, but I often resort to jumping back on a computer to manipulate and colour my creations. I love the freedom a computer gives you when you want to experiment without compromising the original artwork.
Late night sketches


I was living with a girlfriend at the time when I suddenly woke up at 3 a.m. I have know idea what brought this on, but I had the urge to draw a dragon, but I hadn’t drawn in years. The only thing I could find was the back of the envelope her x-rays came in. That would do.


And the second image you'll see in the gallery, was done many years before.

Prada Marfa artwork (Gossip Girl)


I was commissioned by a friend to recreate the framed Prada Marfa artwork made famous on the American teen drama Gossip Girl. A television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar.


The logo was painted on a primed cotton canvas, stretched over a 120x180cm (47x70in) wooden frame.

It was quite a task…


As the fonts for the original artwork could not be found, I reconstructed the art in vector, produced stencils and applied that to the canvas. It was then sprayed and retouched by hand to keep the logo crisp.


Click on the image to enlarge and click through to view the construction process.


Björn the battered Viking


Wanting to test out some new pencils, I started drawing an eye, and then this happened.


Too afraid I’d ruin it, I completed the sketch on computer and had a bunch of fun applying colour and damage.



Paper Pieces, Flinders St Station


My rendition of Melbourne's icon - Flinders Street Station. It's a work in progress. I've lost count of how many hours I've slaved on this. I'll hopefully have this sucker behind glass and hung on my wall one day,

when I get a wall... It's vector artwork, so it can be

blown up to any size.




An exercise to sharpen my skills while abroad. Created in Photoshop using images I Googled. I mapped those images on to layers and applied styles and effects to create a semi-realistic environment.

Wicket, the Dog tribute


A friend of mine had a beach loving Dog named Wicket. He certainly looked like Wicket the Ewok, so this vector illustration was a tribute to him.

The Pac-Man Ghost


The Pac-Man Ghost: Fun at work, and the only desk I used was to post this (Nice to not be stuck in a cubicle for once), but the embarrassing thing was when my GF told her parents at dinner what I’d done to their lawn. Made in Falun, Sweden.


Carrying that 50kg lawn mower into the middle of the ghost’s face to create the eyes in the right position was quite the feat. Never again.

Design for a surfie mate


A talented friend of mine designed, shaped and finished this board from scratch. I was delighted when he asked me to create a graphic he would then apply to his masterpiece. Having full creative license, I threw a few ideas around and we eventually settled for something simple but striking. I also toyed with the idea of a surf brand called Ebb & Flow, so I introduced those concepts into the process too.



Sketch for skateboard graphic.


Le Tour de Pants Bucks Party


I was asked to create a cycling hat for a mate’s Bucks Party. I was directed by a mutual friend, and with a little research on the net, I reconstructed and put my own twist on the following logos.


The graphics were sent off to the professionals, printed on fabric, stitched together and the end result suited Cheyne; an avid ice hockey player, cyclist and all-round sportsman.


THE funniest bucks I've ever been on. Right on, right on! Thanks Luke and Cheyne!

Autobots icon reconstruction in vector


A reconstruction of a powerful icon from my 80s childhood - Transformers, Autobots! With the unmistakable Optimus Prime colour scheme. Constructed in vector and finished in Photoshop

for that grainy goodness.

Battling the elements


Vector painting. Just because.




This was the result of me testing out new pencils, and what I came up with, can not be explained, but it is a combintaion of traditional and digital art.




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