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Australian lightning storm - Real-time, slo-mo & stills

Shot with an iPhone 5s at 2am from the top floor of my house in Warranwood (Victoria, Australia).

I shot for 20mins and decided to make a short film using just the best bits. The real-time parts are all stitched together. If they had of been that frequent I wouldn't have been filming, ha.

On the night there were amazing colours, enormous lightning bolts and deafening thunder - It's the largest storm I've ever seen in person. Mt Dandenong (Which appears on the horizon) is over 10kms away and a lot of the bolts were striking the main lookout; Sky High. Some of the bolts were kilometres in length, which dwarfed the Mountain. Fuckin' awesome.

Music by Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart

Find more of my videos here:

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