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For Love or Money - A collection of my personal short films and commercial work.
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Give Your Stills Life

I made this advert to demonstrate what was possible with still imagery - A little bit of self-promotion during Rona 2020. Some of the photographs were from a client who never paid me, so I got Aliens to steal the boat in his photograph and created a war on the banks of another. I created a few 3D objects and also simulated water.

Star Lorne - A short film I made while holidaying down at Lorne, Victoria, AUS

I always thought of Star Wars while searching the rock pools down at Lorne. Lorne is a town on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia - it's a magical place. The rock pools are like miniature worlds. I was staying down there with family over the Christmas holidays (2018-2019) and got the urge to get creative with some raw footage I shot on an iPhone 8 Plus. A lot of color grading, compositing, and animation was done to create this short clip. This little project ended up taking quite a few hours on my laptop in bed.

Flipside - Leaving Australia to live in Sweden

A little animation I made to represent my journey moving halfway around the world to live in Sweden. I left Crown Casino and worked for myself for the next few years. I used this to launch my first website -, the one you're on now. Hours upon hours were spent illustrating and animating it.

Showcase of Illustration + Animation + Sound Design + Video Editing

Scenes from a TVC I did for Wild Secrets, minus the characters. I’ve slowed down the frames so you can see the intricate sets I’ve illustrated and extra motion and texture I’ve added. To view the original TVC that aired on Australian TV, go to my TVC & ADVERTS section.

Some of the detail that has to be crammed into 30 seconds for television goes by in a flash and unnoticed, hence why I break it down. It’s for all the creatives out there that add that extra detail to their creations.

The FX of Rona - A Rona 2020 project by Cam Will Thom - "I’m Still Here" looking for work

An advert I made with my Dad during Rona 2020, when we were struggling to find work - Fuck this, I'm quitting everything and becoming a rapper. Two creatives without work will still create.

By: Cam Will Thom & "Crazy Dave" Thomas

Fashion Revengers (Met Gala 2019)

I created this "Marvel" trailer to celebrate celebs, and the fact they can wear whatever the fuck they like - I respect that.

Playing Tetris with some of my creations

20 years of professionally grabbing peoples attention, I decided to showcase some of my work. It literally turned into a game of tessellating Tetris, and it just so happens I was given my first Game Boy 30 years to the day I made this in 2019, so I had to pay my respects. I’ve never lost my childhood imagination, and I never will. Guns for hire 💥🔫 [1989 biaaatch! ✊🏼🕹]

Spacecraft Corporation - My NFT collection based on the UFO that Bob Lazar worked on at S4 - The Sport Model

I love the UFO topic, because they're real. I know, because I've seen one.
This was what I named my NFT collection. Was fun doing the sound design for this, and of course animating it. I built everything you see, no templates. This was a similar landscape to the UFO I saw in Falun, Sweden.

Ocean Ad

Just a smooth video to promote myself during Rona 2020. Everything’s CGI, apart from the dolphins. My computer at the time couldn't handle 3D dolphins, lol.

Ping Pong Ad

Another fun ad to promote myself during Rona 2020.

Cam Will Thom - Big Bang 1/1 NFT **SOLD**

My first NFT to sell. Was fun doing the sound design for this, and of course animating it.

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