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The Cover

The Paint

The Plan

The Tape Measure

The Ladder

The Hard Hat

The Tool Box

The Spanner

The Electrical Plug

Index (Applied to zine)

Installation (Applied to zine)

Crashes & Freezes (Applied to zine)

Hardware Help (Applied to zine)

System Issues & Fixes (Applied to zine)

OS X Applications (Applied to zine)

Internet & Networking (Applied to zine)

Mac Maintenance (Applied to zine)

Support Tricks (Applied to zine)

Macworld zine - Visual aids


These vector visual aids were used on title pages in the monthly Melbourne based magazine, Macword.


Eagle i - Logo design and animation


Scription coming soon

Final illustration

Final illustration (Detail)

Metlink - Cross-media


Fully illustrated ad for Metlink, the marketing body and umbrella brand for public train, tram and bus transport operators in Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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