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Final design (Applied)

They slapped the logo everywhere, from merchandise to vehicles

Original sketch of final concept

Vector sketch tracing

Complete trace

Fused letters for colour

Addition of drop shadow

Outline to front

Final design, with the addition of the feet

Final design (Colour variation 01)

Final design (Colour variation 02)

Final design (Colour variation 03)

Final design (Colour variation 04)

Final design (Colour variation 05)


An ad from their website and Facebook fanpage

Vagabundo Travel - Tourism


I spent weeks on this logo, brainstorming, conceptualising, designing, developing and fine tuning, but the result comes across quite effortless.

Vagabundo is a tourism business located in Lagos, Portugal. It is owned by my mates Brodie, Kris and Curt.

I told them I would design the best logo I’ve ever created, and I know I did - It will always be my favourite. Vagabundo is Portuguese for Vagabond, hence the feet in the design - Keep on movin!


Lagos, Portugal is Earth's party capital, and they should know - The three have been all over the world, several times. Lagos… not a bad place to start a business!


Check out their website. Bums away!

Final design

Original concept

2015, Arizona Super Bowl - The Sporting Globe


Logo for the 2015, Arizona Super Bowl event that was

held at The Sporting Globe (Bar & Grill) venues across Victoria, Australia. TSG is a sport orientated, bar & grill franchise. They do themed events that cover almost every seasonal Australian and international sport. The TSG venues house an abundance of screens so the customers can catch almost any sport. The screens are also used to promote special meal and drink deals and to promote events such as this one on the left.


It only made sense to use one of Arizona's biggest icon's; Monument Valley.


The animation for these designs can be found on this page here.

Super Bowl

Final 3D animated logo (Angle 01)

Final 3D animated logo (Angle 02)

Final 3D animated logo (Angle 03)

Final 3D animated logo (Angle 04)

Final 3D animated logo (Angle 05)

Colliers International - Global real estate


Colliers International is a United States-based global commercial real estate services organization with approximately 15,000 employees in more than 482 offices in 62 countries.


I was commissioned to refresh the logo with a full 3D reconstruction, which I built in Maya (A  3D computer graphics program). Great for capturing depth, detail and reflections. I also designed and animated lower third graphics, transitions and logo intro/outro sequences so their editors could splice them together with their own video and images for their YouTube commercials and other media.


The animation for this 3D logo can be found on this page here.

Final design

Final design (Alternate)

Original concept

Xtra Ordinary Events - Event Planners


Make it bold! Make it inviting. A lot of fun.

The first concepts were quite basic and very corporate,

I wasn't going down the right path to start with, but I got there evetually. I really like this once.

Final design (Applied)

Final design (Clean)

Car Connect Online - Car broker


The idea here was to symbolize a dynamic look that represents the customer wanting a car, the broker moving forward to find it (The top arrows) and then the broker delivering their findings back to the customer (Bottom arrow). And of course to make it shiny like a new car badge.

CM logo (Garden Fresh)

CM logo (Chrome)

CM logo (King's Quest V, Weeping Willow)

CM logo (Transformers Battle)

CM logo (Sharp Colours)

CM logo (Paper Pieces, Flinders St Station)

CM logo (Clean)

Coin Multimedia - My first business


Coin Multimedia was my first business directly after university. Coin the verb, that is. I was self-employed for 6 years (2005-2011) and worked with some of Melbourne's biggest ad agencies. I also had the pleasure and pain of working with some of Melbourne’s independent entrepreneurs. I worked with my Father, David Thomas, and we specialised in multiple medias. We were multidisciplinary designers and artists. We still are and we love what we do.


I learned A LOT from running our own business, especially when we said ‘Yes’ to almost anything that came along. You’re forced to learn, quick! We took whatever we could get our hands on, but after honing in on what I really loved doing, animation and logo design, I ended up working at Crown Casino, Melbourne, as their Senior Multimedia Designer.


I designed the Coin Multimedia logo, back in the day.

The custom 'C' & 'M' letters fitted together quite nicely.

I made graphic variations for use over cross-media.

Final design (Applied)

Final design (Applied to deck)

Dance - Skateboard brand

My custom font - D.A.N.C.E. The demon-pillar.

Website (Homepage)

Tour logo

Tour t-shirt (01)

Tour t-shirt (02)

Trucker hat

Tour t-shirt, in white or black (03)

Here Come the Drums (Album cover)

Don't You Wanna Feel (Single cover for their album Better in the Dark)

Website (Index)

Rogue Traders - Aussie band


The Rogue Traders are an Australian electronic, pop rock band formed in 2002, fronted by Natalie Bassingthwaighte. Natalie first found fame on Neighbours, an Australian television soap opera that was first broadcast on the Seven Network on 18 March 1985.


I was asked to create the bands logo, which was then used over cross-media; print, television and web. I also designed merchandise that was sold on their 2008 Australian tour, Better in the Dark.

Final design (Applied)

Cameron - Personal logo


Custom graffiti font. This shit ain't easy. Respect to all the graffiti artists out there.

Final design (Applied)

Final design (Clean)

Look Out! - Clothing


Making an explosive statement... almost. I had 3 'Os' to work with, which was perfect, because it gave me the chance to use 3 grenades.

Final 3D CWT design (Applied)

Final 3D CWT design

Chosen font, manipulated (Concept phase)

Final CWT design (Web banner)

Final CWT design (Green)

Final CWT design (Yellow)

Final CWT design (Dark blue)

Final CWT design (Pink)

Final CWT design (Red)

CWT - Personal logo


I've always loved the look of a nice cursive font, so that's the style I went for on my own branding. Something friendly and totally legible. I also wanted something with depth. Something textured and solid, that appeared tangible. A lot of time was spent stacking my names and I made sure that the dot on the letter ‘i’ was replaced and perfectly aligned with the end of the letter ‘m’, above it. Removing the dot on the ‘i’ allowed me to space and distribute the names evenly.

I am pleased with the end result. But, as my tastes often change, this logo is destined to evolve. It's the reason why I can’t get tattoos.

Final design

Cadbury Scream Egg - Chocolate promo


Branding for a Halloween edition Cadbury Creme Egg

that was launched and promoted at a carnival in Melbourne.

Final design

Original concept

Hamish Built - Builders


Maaate, another logo for a friend. My original concept was quite unique, abstract, yet traditional, but we eventually ended up with a more sleek, modernised look, with a strong structure showcasing the ‘H’ & ‘B’ to represent construction. It’s a shame this never went into action, due to Hamish going into a partnership of another name.

Final design

ProTint Window Films - Commercial tinting


Funny thing is, this logo was for my mate Tim Peel,

so why not peel the tint in the logo... It does have a

dual meaning - The application and removal of tint.

One of the services they provide.

Final design

Final design (Isolated logo)

SP Hall Electrical - Electricians


Sam Hall is a professional electrician and the owner

of SP Hall Electrical. Another example of a mate trusting me to create an original identity for their business. You can see the Hall electricity box, it looks quite nice isolated as a smaller logo on its own.

Final design (On burgundy) - Unused

Final design (Clean) - Unused

Original concept - Unused

Office Link Solutions - Networking


This was for a networking company that never eventuated, but my final idea was to ’network’ the two letters ‘O’ & ‘L’ by creating levels between the two to symbolise an office. A somewhat staircase.


My first concept demonstrates this also - Using a single line folded into letters.

Final design (Camo) - Unused

Final design (Candy) - Unused

Nook - Industrial design


This logo was for a designer chair that never eventuated either, but I enjoyed playing around with colour and depth.

Final design - Unused

Imaginarium - Creative agency


This client was a pain in the ass. She should of been in

a madhouse. I won’t bore you with the details. I kept this because I quite liked it.

Final design - Only ever used on website

Women of Spice - TV program


Women of Spice was a potential Melbourne based cooking show that hoped to share the kitchen with some of its local Female celebrities.

Final design

A. Perelberg & Co. - Jewellers


A. Perelberg & Co. have been around since the early 50s. They are Jewellers based in the heart of the Melbourne CBD. The 'A' & 'P' diamond has been around since that period, so we decided to let it live on.

Final design - Unused

The Olympic Hotel - Pub


I did this logo years ago, I'm not saying it's the best,

but it's better than their current one.


The Olympic Hotel is situated in Preston, Melbourne. This logo never went ahead, although it was along the same lines as the original. My thoughts were to keep the tradition going, with respect for the history of the town that held the 1956 Summer Olympics, but instead they chose a terrible design. You can’t even call it a design.

It was just. One. Single. Font. And. No. Motif... Shithouse.

Final design

Mammal - Clothing


Mammal is a Western Australian based clothing label, specialising in surf gear.

Final design

Jingr Meggs - Clothing


Jingr Meggs was a second-hand, Art Deco style clothing store in Fairfield, Melbourne.

Final design

Rabelle - Jewellery


Rabelle is a boutique jewellery company specialising in fabuleux rings. They're based in Bordeaux, France. Rabelle is a play on words. It's the way the French phonetically pronounce the English noun ‘Rebel’, hence the middle finger.

Final design

Tough Crowd... - Comedy night


A logo for a comedy night in the Melbourne CBD.

The hanging heads of embarrassment for when that hilarious joke goes unanswered.

Final design

Robert Kukas Property Development


Robert Kukas is a Melbourne based property developer, so naturally I wanted to represent that in the logo, with towering letters and sharp angles.

One of my concepts

Aristocrat Print Solutions - Printing


I did this years ago... I don't really like it. That's why it's way, way, way down here. Though I do like the CMYK houndstooth pattern as a standalone graphic though.

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